This beautiful castle in Germany is surrounded by a big and enchating forest which is in danger today…

A nearby mining plant called Kaliwerk Zielitz ( is planning to destroy the beautiful forest of Schloss Heinrichshorst (

More than 200 hectare of woods will be cut down by a greedy multinational who says that “there is no profitable alternative” for dumping their waste…
PLEASE , HELP US SAVE THE FOREST , Stop Kaliwerk Zielitz to destroy more than 200 hectare of woods NOW.. 

It will only take 2 minutes to sign up.. Please help.. 
HELP  HERE,  Let’s all sign up for this… 

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Serious time guys, listen up


I know I rarely post anything of actual importance and I know none of you give a crap about what I say, but please read this.

I am from the very very very Republican state of Kansas, where our politicians have just passed a bill called the Kansas House Bill 2453 where it allows businesses and…

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Kansas anti-gay segregation bill approved



On Wednesday, the Kansas House passed bill HB 2453, a segregation bill which offers legal protection to individuals and businesses that refuse service for same-sex couples or gay individuals, specifically those looking to get married. The result will mark Kansas as the first…

(Source: Slate)

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Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cryptozoology by Vladimir Stankovic

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"This is in first person…" she whispered sadly as she clicked the back button on a fanfiction with a great summary.

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Coping with the absence of the Northwest. 

By: Jonah Reenders

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Beyoncé, The Visual Album.

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London this morning

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Alternatives to Steampunk

The Baal one.

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Bjork in 1997.

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